Inexpensive Tricks When Staging a Home on a Budget


You probably heard it all before, but decluttering a home before preparing to stage it is step number 1.    When a home appears cluttered it feels smaller than it actually is. Buyers want the most for their money (always have and always will) – therefore – show them how much house they get by clearing it out as much as you can.

Next you want to make the place SHINE!  It has to shine from top to bottom so scrub and deodorize.  Buyers shouldn’t feel like you “just cleaned up for the showing”.  When a place doesn’t appear clean and fresh, they wonder what other things the homeowner put off taking care of as well.  A clean fresh-smelling home shows pride of home ownership.

Since most showings begin with the exterior appearance – be sure you’ve done all you can to enhance the curb appeal of the home.  An online search of a home with poor or average curb appeal will result in fewer scheduled showings.  Make this a priority. Keep the grass cut, clear the driveway of unnecessary clutter & yard tools and enhance the look with some fresh foliage.  Apply a fresh coat of paint to any stained sections of trim and by all means, scrape peeling paint. Any peeling paint announces to buyers that the house has been maintained in a sub par fashion. Not the image you want to give !

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